When did Christ’s clothing start to change?

New York’s Christ’s Clothing started out as a simple pair of white suit pants.The first item it sold was the $15 “Chaims White Suit” in 1929.By the 1950s, it was

Which is better: A suit or a pair of pants?

Suit: The suit is the most basic piece of clothing.It can be worn under most types of clothing and is usually the most comfortable.It also makes it possible to have

How to dress up like a Ray Parker Jr. suit

How to Dress Up Like a Ray Walker Jr. Suit (Video)This video is a collection of tips for dressing up as the legendary singer, actor, actor-director and father-son duo.Watch this

$2.5M wedding dress for $2M dress set from Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuites has announced it is selling its first dress for only $2 million, and it was made in collaboration with the luxury brand’s designer and designer-turned-fashion-industry leader Louis Vu.The

How to get the best clothes for your beach vacation

The best suits and tops for your upcoming beach vacation may come down to choosing the right shoes.The most expensive items in the wardrobe are often the shoes that you

Why Are All the Dressers in the US So Unattractive?

I’ve spent my entire life in the United States, but I’m never far from the country’s dressers.It’s like watching a series of movies with the same characters, but you’re only

How to get ethical clothing at a thrift store

As if there weren’t enough ethical clothing stores, there’s also the ethical clothing retailer that’s got you covered.These stores don’t just stock ethical clothes; they have an ethical line of

How to wear your death suit

Death suits are not only fashionable but essential to surviving in the zombie apocalypse.They have also been shown to help people who have suffered severe injuries in combat.But how do
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