NZs first suit designer Emmanuel suits has launched a limited edition collection of suits in New Zealands first suit design in nearly 20 years.

The collection, available exclusively online, features the brand’s signature oversized button down, a high waist and a slim waistline. 

The suit is available for pre-order through the Emmanuel Online Store at $3,999 and is expected to be available for sale on August 25.

Mr Emanuel, who co-founded Emmanuel in 1990, said the collection was a natural evolution of the designer’s own design, which he said began with the design of his own pants.

“It started out with a slim and slim waist,” Mr Emanuel said.

“My pants were very slim and I didn’t want them to be too big, so I wanted a little bit more room between my hips.”

Mr Emanuel said the design for the suits was inspired by his father, who died in 2009.

“He always had this very skinny waist and I had this skinny waist, so we came up with this idea to make a suit with a waist that was about two sizes bigger than my pants, so it was very skinny,” Mr Emmanuel said.

Mr Emmanuel said the suits were meant to reflect the designer and his lifestyle.

“I’m very interested in fashion.

I’m really into the look of the modern day,” he said. 

“The way I dress, I’m very much interested in the way the people dress and the way they dress is very much influenced by the way I look.”

Mr Emmanuel has also created a range of suits for other brands, including Levi’s and Gucci. 

He said he hoped to have the suits in stock before Christmas, and would like to sell the collection online.

“If I can do it before Christmas then we’ll do it again, so that’s the goal,” Mr Michael said.