Caffeine, coffee, and spice are just a few of the things you can expect when you head out to Australia for your coffee-fuelled holiday in August.

But the best time to get out in style with a coffee suit, according to a new research, is on the day before you arrive.

In fact, according the survey, Australians who plan to wear a suit on August 17 are less likely to do so on that date than people who are planning to do the same thing on a Tuesday.

“The best time for us to go out in a suit is after we’ve taken our coffee and have some fun with the place we’re staying, so we can see the sights and explore the places we’ve never been before,” said Kristin Giddings, chief executive of The Coffee and Dining Institute.

The institute surveyed about 1,000 people aged 18-49 and found that while those who plan on going out in suit on the eve of the big day were less likely than those planning to stay in suit, there was still a significant difference in how likely people were to go for a cocktail, coffee or tea at the hotel or a bar.

“We can see how important it is to plan ahead,” Ms Giddins said.

“If you’re not planning to go, the day is not the best place to have a coffee and you might miss out on a lot of the fun of the occasion.”

The survey also found that a number of people who plan their stay at a coffee shop are opting to go with a suit because they want to wear it at the start of the party, which can be more casual.

For some, that could mean staying in a white suit for a couple of hours before heading out to a cocktail bar.

For others, that’s because they don’t want to be seen in a pair of suits.

The survey found that people who opted for a suit the day of the wedding were less concerned about their looks, while those planning on staying at a hotel in a tiered, high-class area were more likely to wear one or more suits to suit their tastes.

While the survey found people who had already planned a trip to Australia planned to wear their suit for two or more days, they were less keen on doing so on August 18.

“There’s no need to go to the beach with a grey suit in the summer,” Ms Kline said.

“You’ve already got a suit to wear that day.

The only thing you’re going to need is a pair and a good haircut.”

But if you’re looking for a better way to celebrate, there are a number options for those who don’t plan on wearing a suit in August, like taking your clothes home and dressing them in casual clothes.

A few examples of outfits that are a good start include a tee and a hoodie for those looking for an afternoon dress or a skirt and a turtleneck and tank top for those going for a longer look.

The Institute also found the average cost of a suit was $500, while the average amount spent on an outfit was $3,300.