How to Dress Up Like a Ray Walker Jr. Suit (Video)This video is a collection of tips for dressing up as the legendary singer, actor, actor-director and father-son duo.

Watch this video to see how to dress like a real Ray Parker, Jr. and his son, Ray Walker, Jr., in a pair of Ray Parker suits.

In the video, the guys show off their best suits from the movies, TV shows, commercials and music videos that were filmed for their movie “Brick.”

The suit worn by Ray Parker is featured on the cover of the movie.

Check out some of the suits that were made famous in the movies and television shows, as well as how to transform your wardrobe for a more stylish look.

Ray Parker Jr., the father of Ray Walker (Robert Downey Jr.), is pictured in a 1977 film, “Bick,” (Courtesy: Courtesy Ray Parker Family)Ray Parker Sr., the son of Ray (Robert) Parker (Ray Parker), is seen in a 1979 movie, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,” (Photo courtesy: Courtesy the Ray Parker family)Ray’s wife, Phoebe (Amy Adams), and daughter, Lulu (Chloe Grace Moretz), pose for a photo at the MTV Movie Awards in January 1981 (Photo Courtesy: Courtesy Phoebesh)This is what a Ray Jr. coat looks like (Courtesy Ray Parker’s wife)This Ray Jr.’s suit is worn during a photo session in May 1981 (Courtesy of Ray’s son)A fan poses with a replica of the Ray Walker’s (Ray) suit (Photo by: Courtesy of Ray)A replica of a Ray-designed suit was made for Ray Parker Sr. in 1980.

The Ray Walker was the star of “The Big Lebowski,” “The Matrix” and the “Transformers.”

A replica Ray Parker suit was worn by the singer, artist, and filmmaker in a movie in 1990.

Ray was the last to wear the suit.

A replica suit worn during the 1979 movie “The Day of the Locust” (Courtesy Phoebee Adams)Phoebe Parker wears a Ray Wans Jr. replica suit as she poses for a picture with her husband in February 1989 (Courtesy phoebee)The Ray Walker suits featured in the upcoming “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” movie are seen in the movie’s costume shop (Photo credit: AP Photo/Matt Rourke)A movie poster shows a suit worn in the 1981 movie “Mockingbird” (Photo: AP)The movie poster for “The Good Dinosaur” (2012) shows the suits worn by director Edgar Wright and his cast (Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures)This movie poster also shows a Ray wans suit, worn by a cast member in the film “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” (2008) (Photo By: Mark Ralston/AP)This poster for the 2004 film “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” (2004) shows a jacket worn by actor John Turturro in the sequel to the 2004 sci-fi movie “Matrix.”

This poster shows the suit worn onscreen by the cast of “Mocktail Party,” which starred Matthew McConaughey, who is pictured on the poster.

A man is seen wearing a Ray Wade suit in the 1995 movie “Sister Act” (Picture: Courtesy Everett Collection)A man dressed as Ray Walker and his brother in the 2000 film “Gone Girl” (2001) (Picture Credit: Everett Collection/Getty Images)A Ray Walker suit worn at a 2009 Halloween party for the actors, director, writer and producer David Fincher, and his wife, Jill (Liza Minelli) (Source: Everett collection)Ray Walker wears a suit as he attends a 2008 Halloween party with his wife Jill (Picture credit: Everett/Everett Collection)Ray and his father-in-law, Ray Wants Jr., wear suits in a video promoting “Gravity,” (Image courtesy of Everett Collection / Everett Collection via Everett Collection)”This is how I would like to dress for Halloween, if I could only find a suit!”

Ray’s son, John Wants, Jr, wears a pair that Ray designed for his son in 2000.

The pair features a signature Ray Parker-esque silhouette (Picture by: Everett Collections/ Everett Collectionvia Everett Collection )Ray’s sons, Ray Jr., Robert, and the late John Walker, Sr., all wear Ray’s suits during the film’s production (Photo/Courtesy Everett Collection, Everett Collection: Everett)A member of the “Lionheart” cast (Bob Morley) and a member of The Lionheart cast (Jim Caviezel) attend the movie premiere of “Lionsgate’s” “The Lion King: The Movie” at the Disney Springs Resort in