Entertainment Weekly is reviewing the “Meghan Trackion” video for “Meghanny” and is ranking it in our best music videos category.

If you’ve never heard of the song, it’s about a young woman who struggles to make sense of her life.

The video is a beautiful collaboration between the talented music video and the talented fashion designers at the label, as well as the brilliant director, Scott St. John.

The video is set in a hotel suite in New York City, where Trainor is living at the time, with her friend, Meghan.

She is living alone in the hotel, but her husband is at work, and her daughter is on the way to school.

Meghan is worried about her daughter, and when she meets a young boy named Ryan, who is her friend’s brother, the two fall in love.

The song is about a woman who can’t get over her life and the fact that she lives alone in a room.

We loved the song.

We love it in the video because we’re not necessarily looking for a love song or a dance song, we’re looking for an empowering love song.

And Meghan really, really knows how to get to that and deliver it.

She’s so talented, and we’re really grateful for her ability to bring that to life.

The song is also about Meghan, who struggled with the transition from being a single mother to being a mom, and it’s a song about feeling so isolated that you feel trapped.

She doesn’t have a lot of people around her, and that’s a really big thing for her.

And so we wanted to make sure that we were really listening to her and seeing how she feels, and making sure that this song would be something that she could relate to, so we made sure that she felt like she was connected to the song and to the people who were doing it.

The whole song was a celebration of the fact she had her life as a single parent, and she wanted to be a part of it.

We love how it’s really empowering for the girl, but it’s also very emotional, and very personal.

She gets to be herself in this moment of the video, and you get to hear the feelings of her in the room as well.

It’s a very moving song.