New York Giants wide receiver Ryan Fitzpatrick is no stranger to a bit of nude or slightly clothed fashion.

Fitzpatrick, who has been the face of the franchise since being drafted fourth overall in 2011, has been seen in clothing with shorts and tights.

But he was spotted wearing his signature shorts at the Super Bowl this past Sunday, and the look was decidedly not a typical NFL player.

The Bills’ wide receiver, who is known for his long hair, also sported his signature white shirt, and in the video below, he is seen wearing his traditional white t-shirt with a black shirt underneath.

“The Bills, like many other teams, have a strict dress code that is enforced,” an NFL spokesperson told Yahoo!


“Ryan Fitzpatrick wore his shirt, shorts, and pants at the game in front of the press, which was a great sign that he is a player that we are proud to call a teammate.

We’re always striving to make our team better, and this was a positive sign that we have an excellent player in Ryan.

He also sportned his signature Nike Air Max 90 shorts, which were very popular with the press.”

Fitzniff, who was wearing the Nike AirMax 90 shorts during the Superbowl, said he thought the NFL was joking around about what the players were wearing.

“They were just teasing,” he said.

“It was funny to see that a lot of players were doing it.

I don’t know how they can have an entire game just on the shorts.

I mean, they’re not wearing anything.

It’s just kind of silly.

I was like, I don, don’t get it.

You have a game.

What are you wearing?

I thought they were joking around.

I’m just a fan.

It just seemed weird to me.”

The Bills also released a statement in support of the players, and Fitzpatrick said that it was a “nice gesture” to wear shorts during a game that was “about the guys, the team and the city.”

“I think it was nice to see people who have a different opinion on the players that wear shorts,” he added.

“I think everyone has a different view on that.”

The New York Times also said the Bills were “trying to be more inclusive.”

“As a fan of the Bills, I have a great deal of respect for Ryan Fitzpatrick’s commitment to being a member of the team’s fan base and appreciates the opportunity to be a part of the Superstars at a time when many others are not,” the statement read.

“While the Bills have a very progressive dress code, Ryan’s desire to wear casual clothing was in keeping with the NFL’s policy.”

The NFL has since removed the video from its website.