Chino’s latest foray into the suit business is to introduce a new range of suits and the company has confirmed the suits will be made from the same cloth as the iconic denim and wool suits of the 1960s.

Chino is the first British company to introduce new products to its existing line-up of suits.

“We’re very proud of our long-standing relationship with Chino and it’s been a privilege to partner with them on this exciting journey,” said Jeremy Hill, Chino chief executive.

“The new range will be produced from the very same cloth and will be available to customers worldwide.”

Chino launched the first new suits in the UK in February 2017 with the launch of the ‘Classic’ range.

They are made from cotton and wool fabric that has been woven into the fabric and the fabrics themselves are sourced from the United States.

“Our fabric is made of recycled polyester and 100 per cent recycled wool,” said Mr Hill.

“This is a sustainable fabric and will offer a modern, high-quality suit for our customers in the future.”

The new range has a range of sizes, from the traditional size 6 to the latest size 10.

The new suits are available in men’s and women’s styles, with men’s suits costing £79, women’s costing £59 and men’s trousers (£49).

The new products will be rolled out throughout the UK from March 2018.

The latest Chino range features the Classic suit, which is a size 7 suit and has a pocket square and waist belt.

It also features a black leather upper and leather details in the waist band and a chino-style tie.

The Classic is available from February 2017.

The brand also launched the new Men’s Classic in June 2017.

It features a cotton and linen upper, a black belt and a black collar.

The men’s Classic will be released in February 2018.

Mr Hill said the new line-ups were “an important step forward for our UK business”.

“We are proud of the history of Chino, and we are continuing to explore new opportunities to further develop our brands,” he said.

Chinos new line of men’s shoes The Chinos men’s line-and-sleeves will also be coming to UK shores in March 2018 with the introduction of the Men’s Premium.

The range is a range that includes a men’s slim-fit, leather, nylon and polyurethane pair.

The premium will be offered in both women’s and mens styles.

The shoes will be priced at £79.

Chimo men’s leather trousers The Chino men’s men’s range has also been launched in the United Kingdom, with the new range coming to stores in March.

It is made from Chino leather and is priced at $130.

The Chimo range has been a hit in the US and Europe and has now been available in Australia and New Zealand.

The products will retail at $169.