A designer who says his suit suits don “not fit” the British fashion market says his designs are a “sensible way of dressing” and that “there is no excuse for a man who wears suits to feel alienated from fashion”.

In a recent interview with The Globe and Mail, Mr. David Waugh, the director of design at Mr. Waugh & Co., a fashion design firm based in London, said that while the suits are “not the fashion you wear, they are the most elegant, modern way of wearing your suit.”

Mr. Waghorn says that a suit should fit a man “in every way,” but that there is “no excuse for anyone who wears a suit to feel excluded.”

“If you don’t want to be wearing suits, don’t wear them,” Mr. William said in an interview.

“We are not saying that suits should be made of silk, that’s not the point, we’re saying that they should fit, that they’re a sensible way of doing it.”

The suits Mr. Williams said suit designer David Waghorns, who is based in New York, doesn’t think suits fit a lot of people.

“I think it’s really a matter of choice,” he said.

“If you want to wear something that’s more comfortable, then you don´t need to wear a suit.”

If your suit has pockets, that´s your choice.

“Mr Waugh says he was inspired to create his suit after attending a fashion show at the BFI in London in 2013.

He said that his choice to go on the show “really struck a chord with the audience and with me” and was “the most important thing that happened to me in the last year.”

He said he then looked around for designers and came across Mr. Gershwin, a designer whose designs he admired.”

It was a moment where I realized that we have a lot in common,” Mr Waugh said.”

David Gershown is one of the most influential people in the fashion world, he is an iconic artist, and he is the most creative and interesting designer I have ever seen in my life.

“Mr Williams said that he and Mr. Thomas “had an agreement to work together, so I could do a suit with him.””

We worked very closely together.””

We had a partnership where we would sit around a table, work with each other, and that is what became the BFA.

We worked very closely together.”

Mr Thomas, a British-born New Yorker, is also a designer.

“The two of us are a natural fit,” Mr Williams said.

The two designers agreed to collaborate on a new suit, and Mr Waghors suit was created in collaboration with Mr Thomas.

Mr Waghorns suit was originally designed by the legendary designer Ralph Lauren, who designed suits for Jean Paul Gaultier and Stella McCartney.

The designers have also collaborated on suits for Kate Moss and Beyoncé.

Mr Williams, who studied at the London School of Economics, says that he has worked with Mr. James, the British designer, on the new suit.

Mr. Thomas said he believes that Mr. Willies suit was inspired by the designers work.

“He is a true designer, he knows what he is doing, he really is a great artist,” he added.

“You can see the inspiration in it.

He is doing something that I think is absolutely the perfect fit for a British man.”

Mr William, the designer who has designed suits in the past, said he had not had much success with the British style, especially since Mr. George McGovern died in 1996.

“That suits business is not as good as the American business, so there is not a lot going on there,” he told The Globe.

“There is a certain amount of respect that you have to pay for the work that you are doing, and the British suits are a very different thing.”

They are not very formal, they don’t have the same look that we are used to.

“Mr Willys suit has won a number of awards and is being worn by many celebrities.”

A lot of the British guys don’t like the British business because they don´re not paying as much attention to the suits and so they don�t care about the suits,” he explained.”

When you have a British style it can be a bit of a bit more formal than a American style, but I think the British guy would be very proud of it.

“A spokeswoman for Mr Waughes said that suits are an important part of Mr Williams style and that Mr Wathers suit was an attempt to “make British suits a bit less formal than they are today.””

The suits are made from fabric, not silk, and are not designed to