Recode Editor, founder and CEO of, Jaret Seiberg, joined The Verge to talk about the company’s mission to empower entrepreneurs, the importance of community, and why he has decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to help launch a new site called The Verge.1:35: “We think it’s important for people to get to know each other on a deeper level and to have a real sense of connection with each other and with the technology that we’re building.”2:19: “If you’re doing things that are not what the founders have envisioned or you’re not building things that people have a lot of confidence in, then it’s not going to work.”2.19: Recode is looking to launch the site on July 10.

The site will launch with a curated list of apps and games, curated by Seiberger.

The Verge is designed to help people share news, entertainment, and business insights, with a focus on the most popular articles, and also features curated content that reflects the culture of the site.

The Verge is powered by a combination of the Reddit and Google+ communities.2:49: “This is a really good time for us because this is the right time for the startup community, this is a time for innovation,” Seibergen said.

“We need a platform where you can have a conversation with your co-founders.

This is a platform that’s going to give people a platform to really be able to share what they’re doing.”3:21: The Verge will feature a curated section of the app store, with curated content and apps for different audiences.3:45: “The Verge has a really high profile and a really deep platform.

It’s a really important space to be in.

We need to be the hub of innovation,” he said.4:06: Seibergers vision is to build a place where the community can connect and learn from one another, with all the tools that are necessary to succeed.4.01: “A lot of the things that we need to do to be successful, we need a lot more of, and a lot less of the old tech companies.”5:03: “I’m not the first person who has been trying to figure out how to build an app.

The thing that has really worked for me is that we have a very deep, dedicated group of people who are very committed and who love this company,” he added.5.11: “Our founders are the people who really, really love this site and are passionate about it.

And we’re going to build that out over time.”5.28: Seberg said he and his team have “a lot of great ideas.”

But they want to do more than build a website.

They want to make it accessible to the general public, and they want it to be a platform for people who have a wide range of experience, from a technical background to a creative background.

“We want to build the right app.

We want to be able for people with a wide variety of experience to be here, to be present, to share their experiences and to be part of the conversation.

That’s the mission,” he explained.