A suit for the office?

When the weather is nice and you can take it out of the office for a walk?

That’s when you’ll want to wear it, says Marc Platt, fashion director at the iconic brand.

“It’s really about how you wear it.

It’s about how it feels on your skin, and how it’s going to make you feel,” Platt said.

The first thing you should look for is the right fit.

“When you go out, whether it’s a cocktail or a date, or if you’re in a cocktail club, the suit is going to be a little bit more comfortable, a little more versatile, a lot more stylish,” Platts said.

“And so you want to make sure it’s in the right position for the day.”

If you’re going to wear the suit, consider the following things:You should wear it when the weather’s nice and dry.

“When it’s warm and sunny, it’s more comfortable,” Plats said.

When it gets really cold, Platt recommends a coat or hoodie over a suit, because the cold can be a deterrent to sweating.

“If you have to leave the house, and it’s very cold outside, then you want a jacket,” PlATT said.

So you’re wearing it when you can afford it.

“I’m a very conservative person.

I like to be conservative when it comes to my wardrobe,” Platten said.

You should avoid wearing it with a tie.

“You know, if I’m going to go out and have dinner with my friends, then I’m not going to have a tie, I’m definitely not going [to wear a tie],” Platt added.

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