Clothing suits all types of occasions.

Here are some of our favorite suits.


Dress suit for a wedding dress or wedding night dress.

Photo by Amy C. Young/Getty Images/iStockphoto. 


Dresssuit for a reception dress or reception night dress dress.

Photo by Amy L. Young /Getty Images. 


Suit for a cocktail party or dinner party.

Photo courtesy of The New York Times. 


Suit with a skirt or pants for a formal dinner party or cocktail reception.

Photo courtesy of the New York Daily News. 


Suit that suits a wedding or engagement reception dress. 

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Suit suit for an engagement party or wedding.

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Suit suited for a party for the whole family.

Photo via The New Yorker. 


Suit, pants, and a dress that suits your style.

Photo taken by Lauren Zilinsky.9.

Suit suits a party, wedding, or anniversary event.

Photo photo by David McNew/Getty.10.

Suit tailored to suit the occasion.

Photo image via The Wall Street Journal.11.

Suit fitted for an event that you’ll be attending.

Photo photograph by Kevin Winter/Getty