The new dress code for working in India is to wear suit jackets, sport coats and trousers.

The new clothing code, announced on Monday by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is to follow suit with the latest trends in fashion and personal style.

The guidelines are intended to provide uniformity and ensure that employees are able to dress in appropriate attire without any fuss. 

The guidelines say that a person should wear his suit jacket, trousers and hat as long as it is no longer than three inches below the knees and not longer than one inch above the knee.

The person should also wear his or her coat to the office and the home.

The garment should not cover more than the wrist and shoulder and should not be too long or too short.

If a person wears a suit jacket and a pair of trousers, they should not use their gloves or other contact devices in the office.

In India, there is a prevailing sense of uniformity among employees and their bosses.

Some workers wear a dress uniform with a white collar.

Other workers wear pants and shirts with black or dark blue sleeves, as well as a blazer. 

A white suit is worn by the CEO of a company, a director of a hospital or a teacher.

The company is required to give a written notification of the uniform of the senior management team.

The new dress codes have been adopted by Indian companies to prevent the appearance of dress codes that are inappropriate in the workplace.

The government has also asked employers to wear collars and gloves at work and at home.