The ‘The Master of the House’ is one of the most iconic characters in the history of television, with an uncanny ability to turn a tragedy into a comedy and turn an underdog into a superstar.

It’s the role he has been given in ‘The Wire’ by HBO, but his character was first portrayed on TV by an African American actor, George Hamilton, in 1968.

“The first thing I did was go to the casting couch and ask if there was anybody I should audition for the part,” Hamilton told the Los Angeles Times.

“I remember saying, ‘No, no, no,’ and the casting crew was like, ‘You know, you’ll have to have that look.

We’re going to give you this.’

I looked around and I saw a lot of guys with the same look.

I remember looking at the cast list and thinking, ‘This is a real, real problem.'”

The role was originally offered to Hamilton, but HBO decided against it.

The producers also wanted Hamilton to play the part of Tony Soprano, but he declined.

Instead, they decided to go with the actor who had played him on TV for the most part: Ray Charles.

And they did.

Ray Charles was the first African American to play an African-American on TV, and he was a major player in the civil rights movement.

He was the only African-Americans on the television network at the time, and that helped make the role a huge hit.

“He was the most powerful guy in the world, and I was the lowest on the totem pole,” Hamilton said.

“It’s just the way the system was set up.”

Hamilton is one half of the Broadway musical ‘The Masters of the Game,’ which opens Sunday at the Public Theater.

He also plays the role of a gangster in ‘Ragtime’ which opens next week.

He’s also a stand-up comic.

Hamilton says he didn’t know he was playing the same character until he read the script.

“When I got the audition, I was like ‘Oh my god, that’s exactly how it’s going to be,'” he said.

When the producers asked if he had a specific scene, he responded, “Oh, yeah, I think that’s a scene where I’m going to get hit by a car.”

“I did a scene in which I’m on the ground with my back to the camera,” he added.

“There are so many people who know who I am and how I was raised,” he said, “and they know who Ray Charles is and I think it’s just a great casting. “

They’re a great team.” “

There are so many people who know who I am and how I was raised,” he said, “and they know who Ray Charles is and I think it’s just a great casting.

They’re a great team.”

Hamilton, who now lives in New York, said he wasn’t surprised that he made the casting call.

“Everybody is aware of the role,” he explained.

“They’re all aware of what the story is.

It wasn’t like, Well, I can’t even remember what my lines were.

I was just saying, I’ll play this role, and they were like, Oh, well, we’re going with you.”

“A little bit of a mystery, yeah,” Hamilton continued.

“Because there are a lot more people who play the same roles.”

“There’s a reason for it,” he continued.

“‘The Master’ was a black guy on TV,” he laughed.

“And the whole idea was, ‘Well, why not do a black character?’

And then there are all these characters that are black.

And so there’s a lot to it.”

Hamilton added that he’s excited about the upcoming film ‘Raggs,’ which he directed.

“If you go to my website, there’s an ‘Rags to Riches’ page,” he joked.

“You can see all of the money I’ve made and all of this money I’m making, and there’s nothing on it.”