Hacker News’ users are upset that they can no longer find a certain “strawberries” thread on their favorite forum.

A thread on the site’s subreddit featuring the image of the dress has been popular for some time now, but some users have expressed concerns about the dress’ appropriateness.

While the image itself is a little bit NSFW, some users are unhappy that they’re unable to find it, or the original thread was removed from the site.

Users have said that the dress does not look as appropriate for a woman of color as the image suggests, while some have been accused of “racism” by the community.

Hacker News user “Pinky_Mole” told TechCrunch that she had a hard time finding the dress on her own because she was using the “stupid search” feature, and that she “just never found” it.

“I just thought that if I looked like a woman, it was ok, so it just never occurred to me that it could be wrong,” she told Tech Crunch.

Pinky_mole said that she tried to make the dress as simple as possible and “tried to find a dress that would fit me and fit my body, and it just didn’t happen.”

She said that her mother, who is black, has “issues with the dress being seen as appropriate.”

Some users have also said that they’ve experienced issues when attempting to access the dress in other subreddits, such as Reddit’s /r/fashion subreddit.

“Some users are complaining about this dress being too small and not fitting, and this has made it hard for them to find the dress they are looking for, as it doesn’t fit them or look good on them,” Pinky Mole said.

In the end, the thread was deleted from the Hacker News site, and users can no long find it on their personal accounts.