The Pittsburgh Penguins announced Thursday they are going to have their game on NBCSN in New Jersey.

This means it’s time to look at the players suit and see what suits they wear, the equipment they wear and their accessories.

There are a few interesting trends going on here.

The Penguins are going for a “clothing-free” look.

They have an old-school look to them, and that has a lot to do with the team’s uniforms.

Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford said last year that they are looking for a new look that they can “get behind and play well with.”

The other trend here is that the Penguins have chosen to keep the uniform uniform at the same basic look for the majority of the season.

The team is going for an old, worn-in look, but it will be a new one this season.

Rutherford has said the team will wear their old uniforms, but the players are going with the newer look.

The new look is the one that suits the Penguins, and Rutherford said he thinks the new look will work for the team.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are a team that will be looking to make their NHL debut on New Jersey next season, but Rutherford says that the players aren’t looking to get into a “bargaining” situation.

The players will wear what suits them, but there will be no contract talks or negotiations going on.

The Penguins have had success on the ice this season and they will be the favorites to make the playoffs.

They should be able to take advantage of the New Jersey Devils game next Friday night and the chance to do so could mean something.