It was a quiet weekend at the Paddington Circus and the queues were long.

But there were more than a few suits on sale for as little as £250.

The Padderton Circus has sold out of the suit of fancy from £10,000 to £20,000, and it was the perfect opportunity to stock up on a suit of a different sort.

We caught up with the owner of the world’s biggest suit of silk, which sold for £4.3 million last month.

“The Paddleington Circus is very popular, it’s a wonderful attraction, we’re really pleased that the demand has come up to the levels we’re expecting,” said Paddy McCutcheon, who opened the Paddleton Circus in 2002.

“There’s always been a demand for silk suits, we’ve had a few of our customers come back for the last two years.”

We were very lucky, I think it’s the best deal we’ve ever had.

“The Paddy Paddletown Circus has now sold out its suit of fine silk, known as the Paddy, in just 10 years.

The price was £10 million for the first suit, which was sold in 1998, and a further £2 million in 2000, with more than 30,000 people queuing to buy the suit in the last 10 years, said Paddingham Circus owner and general manager Paddy McKenney.”

I can’t remember when it first came out, we bought it from the family of the owner, so we’ve got the original,” he said.”

It’s one of our great assets.

It’s the perfect thing to wear, it has the quality and it’s got the style.

“It’s a very special suit and it sells out.

We’ve been selling it for five years now.”

The suit is made of silk from the Italian city of Florence, with the colour red, blue and green.

The wool is hand-weaved in the UK and imported from China, but the silk is hand woven by the Chinese themselves, with a team of Chinese silk workers in the US.

“That’s what we call the P-Bandit, because the Chinese are doing all the weaving, the weaving takes four to six weeks,” he explained.

“They have to be very careful to make sure that the colour is the same and they’re getting a lot of quality out of it.”

McKenney said he and his wife, Paddy Jones, made sure the suits were made with good fabrics.

“They were made in the PADI factory, which is a special facility in the United Kingdom, so they’re very high quality,” he laughed.

“What you see is the PADDI factory in Florence, it looks like a giant cotton factory, it is very beautiful.”

It’s all the more remarkable considering the size of the Padden family, who are the owners of PaddleTown Circus, which runs the Paddingtons’ circus at the back of the premises.

“This is a family circus, we do all the shows, we have everything you can imagine,” said Jones.

PaddleTown is one of the biggest circus in the world, it covers the whole of London, it can be seen on television and is on the BBC and other channels.””

We have a big family and it doesn’t make sense to be a circus without a family.”

PaddleTown is one of the biggest circus in the world, it covers the whole of London, it can be seen on television and is on the BBC and other channels.

“A lot of people see the circus as being one of those little things, they think that’s it, it doesn-t really matter what you do with it, but for us it’s really important that we’re doing something that people enjoy.”

You’re seeing people at the circus, you’re seeing the family members, you see people doing everything.

“To us, the PADA has always been about the people.”

If you have a family, you can’t have it all.

“The sale of the $40 million PaddleMan suit is the latest in a series of deals for the family’s circus, with an agreement inked last year for a series, including a show in London in 2019.

The family, which started in the late 1980s and has expanded into the city of Leeds, are also now selling off their original circus, the Biggest Big Bear, which closed its doors in 2008.”

All the money is going to the charity, it’ll be used to build the new one in London,” Jones said.

The Biggest Bear was the first of many deals for PaddTown Circus to open its doors.

In 2017, the circus opened a new venue, the new Biggies, in a £400 million building that has since seen a number of expansions.

It’s believed the Padsons are now looking to expand the Circus in another way, with plans to build a new attraction on the premises, a new exhibition hall and a new stage.Padd